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How to Trade Binary Options

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Binary Options Trading Part 3: The Rest

This is the last of the three part article that discusses the types of wagers used by players at binary option sites. Please note these wagers are less popular and not all sites offer them.

Stop Bets

Bull Stop. This bet unlike others pays you a fixed amount for every 1% rise in the market. Like if your bet pays $10 for every 1% rise on the market, in the instance that the rise is only .5% then your value will rise by $5, as the market swings back and forth the value of your money will differ depending how much % the market rises.

However, this bet is also a One Touch stop loss wherein you need to set a stop-less level and in any case that the market touches that level once ot trades under that level, at anytime the bet will expire.

Note: The stop-loss level is used as a reference value for the 1% amount to be calculated. Also for Stop bets on Forex rates there is no specified date expiry, the bet stays “alive” for as long as the stop-loss level is not reached. While stop bets for individual stocks have an expiration of one trading day – value is automatically settled at the close of trading same day the bet is placed.

Bear Stop. Opposite of the bull stop where you will be paid a fixed amount for every 1% fall on the market. Same rules applies as the bull stop bet, your value swings back and forth depending on the movement of the market, a stop-loss level is set every game and will be used as a reference value for the payout.  Same rules apply for the time frame for both Forex rate play and individual stocks.

Tick Trades / Fun Corner

These bets are random wins and there is really no telling whether you will win or not; it all depends on luck. So I really don’t recommended these for serious players.

Run Bets. A series of bets that depend on the digits of various indices.

Up / Down. Here can will double your stake if you calculate whether the market will rise or fall after 5 ticks.

Stats. You will draw a pie chart of your guess of the last tick. You may select the number of ticks from 25 – 20,000.

Public Orders. These are bets coming from other users that wish to dispose their bets early. Sometimes bets are sold on a discounted price but generally you’ll rarely find many contracts to trade here. Public orders have two types.

• Contracts that ate available for purchase

• Contracts available for selling short

Those are the different types of bets / wagers that you can use for betting, but basically you need to learn first and see which is best to use for your particular mentality and risk tolerance.


Disclaimer: The information on this website is for entertainment purposes only and is not to be taken as financial advice. Always consult your professional financial advisor before undertaking any investment or trading plan. In some jurisdictions, financial betting at at binary option sites might be considered online gambling and therefore be deemed illegal, so check with your local laws first. There is risk associated with trading or financial betting and you can lose money. Proceed at your own risk.

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